10 Amazing Technology Predictions For What You'll Be Using In 2021

10 Amazing Technology Predictions For What You'll Be Using In 2021

What will the future of technology bring?

Technology is constantly evolving, and as people become more reliant on it, it’s important that they know what’s coming. With that in mind, some tech experts have gone about predicting the future of the latest technology and what they think you’ll be using in 2021.
The future is bright, and you’ll be needing these gadgets.

1. Bluetooth Beacons Bluetooth Beacons are being used to track shoppers throughout the store. This means that they’re extremely efficient, and can serve as a quick way to keep track of how well a store is selling.

2. Nvidia's Robo-Equipment The Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang is imagining the future of robots. He sees robots taking over warehouses, construction sites, and more.

How will technology affect our lives?

1. Self-driving cars AI – Automation – are allowing self-driving cars to finally hit the road. We've seen the inevitable happen for some time, but 2019 is set to be the year the commercial market launches for these incredible vehicles.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Hyundai unveiled its new luxury self-driving car: the iNEXON. It's been designed specifically for the driverless future. And self-driving cars aren't the only form of self-driving technology – Google's self-driving car project, Waymo, will start testing a fleet of vehicles across the US.

They'll be expanded to Phoenix in 2020 and spread to the rest of the US by 2021. As driverless cars become more prevalent, we'll continue to see other advancements too.

Future TechnologyWhat Future Technology Will Be Used?

The role of virtual reality is growing in the US Navy for training. 3D printed “face implants” may be more common than knee replacements by the year 2040. 3D Printing is taking on Boeing.

Samsung is working on 3D scanners for food products. Elon Musk believes the human race will be extinct by 2027. Manufacturers can have their products 3D printed in a matter of hours. A firefighting drone that responds to a blaze with water or foam.

These 10 predictions are from business technology and innovation leader Nasscom, one of India’s largest business lobby organizations. Let’s take a closer look at what the group is predicting for the Indian technology ecosystem in the next three years. 1.


These are just ten predictions that I feel are realistic to achieve within the next decade. So, do you agree? What are your predictions for 2021?
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